What Happens When...
A Marketer & Chiropractor Combine Forces?
We Help You Get The Results To Stack Cash & Enjoy Life!

What Happens When...
A Marketer & Chiropractor Combine Forces?
We Help You Get The Results To Stack Cash & Enjoy Life!

These Two?
You're drafting your fantasy chiropractic marketing support team and only have two picks to help you market & grow your practice... 

Who will you choose?

Try pairing a successful & respected Chiropractor with a seasoned entrepreneur & marketing savant... both of whom are also business coaches.

Here's insider info on your picks... (only this is real and not fantasy)!

This unlikely team co-founded Chiro Dominance to help Chiropractors market and grow their practices using modern technologies & proven marketing methodologies. 
Chiro Genious Doctor Spears
Dr. Mike Spears (Chiro-genious)
Marketing Wizard Dar Holdsworth
Dar Holdsworth (Marketing-wizard)

A single pronged inconsistent approach to marketing does not last and will result in a much lower percentage of new patient conversions.

What good are ads if you don't have a top notch, efficient, follow up system? 

What good is a chiro website if it doesn't convert visitors to patients?

What good is a scheduling system if it only works when someone is standing by the phone? If you don't have an automated scheduling system 24/7 you are loosing patients at your site. 

What good are google reviews if your competition has more 4 & 5 Star reviews and they are populated everywhere?

What good is having a bunch of consistent new patient leads if you can't track them and follow up?

What good is it to get new patients in the door and you don't follow up with them as consistently as you'd like to get them coming back? 

You're too busy running your practice. 

That's where we come in. We are your dedicated marketing team. 

The Chiro Dominance marketing system drives new patients in the door and helps you keep them coming back with smiles, while telling their friends.

How?.. We take a 360 degree approach to your marketing, focussing on the important pieces that all work together. This ensures the highest level of conversions of new patients for your practice.

Dr. Mike brings his 25 years of chiropractic experience so you know you've got one of yours on the inside... and not just a marketing dude.

However, the marketing dude Dar, is fanatical about marketing and loves helping businesses grow. 

We stay on the cutting edge of latest technologies & methodologies so you don't have to. Yes we geek out on it and go to all the marketing & software courses :-)

The Chiro Dominance system has been thoughtfully designed to provide maximum positive impact on patient growth while automating most of the systems so you and your team can focus on what you do best... treat patients!

Bottom line is this... our success comes from helping you have success.

ROI (Return On Investment) is not just an acronym, its what you will get when we work together!

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to working with you.

Welcome to Chiro Dominance!
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