High Converting Mobile Optimized SiteS
High Converting Mobile Optimized Sites
High converting websites that are brilliantly designed, mobile optimized, provide info and tell your story... Give prospective patients the confidence to help them choose you!

  • Conversion Site Design : Know, Like & Trust
  • New Patient Special Offer Promo
  • A.I. Bot That Converts New Patients
  • ​Appointment Scheduler To Chiro Dominance Hub
  • ​SEO To Help Increase Your Ranking & Visibility
Interactive AI Bot Scheduler
You are most likely missing out on new patient appointments. Why?... people search the web 24/7, not just during your hours.

Our automated & interactive appointment scheduler on your site schedules patients while you work, sleep, play, etc. 

Saves time, makes life easier on your staff and converts more site visitors to new patients with booked appointments.

Proven New Patient Converting Ads
It's no secret that Facebook/Instagram marketing is the fastest way to get new patients in the door. But there are secrets to getting the best new patients and keep them coming back.

  • Special Offer Ads
  • Patient Education Ads
  • Local Wellness/Pain Expert Ads
  • ​Tailored to you and your practice
Proven Facebook Converting Ads
chiro dominance Hub
Chiro Marketing Ssytem
Let's be honest... Do you really know the analytics of your marketing? Do you know how many new leads you get each month and where each is at in the marketing funnel?

Our marketing & CRM dashboard provides an easy to understand snapshot of how your marketing campaigns are performing with each patient.

Don't just guess... know what is going on and use that data to make more profits.

  • Centralized Hub To Automate & Communicate With Patients
  • Database Reactivation Brings Patients Back You’ve Written Off
  • ​Nurturing Campaigns > More Patients To Show Up
  • ​Appointment Scheduler/Calendar & Patient Tracker
  • ​Automated Appointment Reminders
  • ​2 Way Texting, Email, Voice Mail... All in One Place (recorded)
  • ​Reviews Booster
  • ​Bulk Communication with Patients (texts, newsletters, etc)
  • ​Marketing Tracker- See Your Progress in One Place
  • ​Unlimited Marketing Campaigns & Automations
Patient Tracking & Converter
New patient tracking and follow up converter does just that... It tracks patients through the marketing, appointment setting, and conversion process.

It easily provides automated follow up with each patient to reinforce the excellent service they received from you.

Follow up campaigns are delivered via email & text in an engaging manner that keeps patients coming back and referring others.
Conversation Recorder Phone, Text, Email
How do we know if a new patient has been interacted with properly?

How do we learn & improve our touches with new patient leads?

How do we become more responsive?

Every communication is tracked & recorded so we can be more responsive & improve patient communication & conversions.
Bulk Email & Text Newsletter Marketing
Are you consistently reaching out to all of your patients?

If you're like most the answer is... I'd like to but am too busy or don't know how.

We got you. With our integrated bulk mailing and texting module it's easier than ever.

Your patients want to hear from you. It builds trust and familiarity. 
Google & Facebook Review Campaigns
Positive Reviews are a must! Your reputation is only as good as what prospects see online. We help you get a constant stream of 4 & 5 Star Reviews to make the choice clear for new patients.
chiro dominance U 
Chiro Dominance University


How are you building your practice? Are you getting the results you'd really like?... Wouldn't it be nice to see more?

Successful Business Building is 80% science and 20% art. 

The science is constantly evolving with modern tech. We combine the best of the latest tech with proven marketing methodologies to implement a 360 degree approach to promoting your practice.

We provide the science of how the successful market their businesses while you provide the art of your personality. 

We train & coach you every step of the way.

We focus on your marketing so you can focus on your patients... and with us doing your marketing you'll be slammed with more patients to focus on.

Time to level up and start growing.
back business alignment
Back Business Alignment
Coaching And Community Support
The tool no Doctor of Chiropractic should be without... 

The essential monthly support companion to keep your marketing in alignment.

Coaching & Support to keep your marketing efforts consistent and trending positive. 

Connection with like minded Doctors who are also leveling up their practice.

You are not alone. We know it can sometimes feel that way. But we are in this together. Chiro Dominance is a family and we are here for each other. Now let's dominate!

An exclusive community packed with Marketing Tips, Strategies, Ongoing Support & Training...
  • Private Member Only Group "Back Business Alignment"
  • Weekly Live Q&A with Dar & Dr. Mike
  • Weekly Training, Success Tips & Strategies
  • ​Unlimited 24 hour Access to All Q&A's
What do you want?
Are you making the money you want to make? 

Are you enjoying the time & freedom you've heard others are enjoying? 

What are you looking for in your practice? Is it financial freedom, more time to do what you want... or both?

Our mission is to help Chiropractors get more patients, grow your profits and have more freedom.

Our success comes from helping you achieve more success.

Start leveling up and reserve your protected territory today.

Apply to work with us and see what all the excitement is about.
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